Thursday, 1 March 2012

Episode 19 - Use The Buddy System

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Roberts, Scratcher and Lauren are still in the kitchen, listen as they discuss the hot button topics of the day.

These include:

More Odd Porn Chatter
Filthy Olympic Ideas
Exploding Vag Juices
The Milf/Gilf Divide
The Longest & Nastiest Story Ever Told
Old Lady Love
Roberts' Shitty Jonny Defence
The Rape List
The Buddy System
The D-Head Factor
Scratcher Defends English Pride
Royall & Doodall
Roberts' VERY Gay Fantasy Podcast

And here's the proof, I didn't believe it myself but:

Check the websites at the bottom if you still don't think this is genuine. Excellent work Scotland, excellent work.

If you enjoy the mouthpiece and fancy listening to other podcasts like this (although clearly not as funny) make sure you check out:

The Royall & Doodall Show:


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Have a look at some animated (barely) toss:

It's been an advice heave episode and I think we've all learned something........mainly not to listen to this podcast again.

Remember folks, use the buddy system.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Episode 18 - War, Murder, Death and Cobbling

After a month off for good behaviour, Episode 18 has been released from the internment camp and is available for download/stream via Podomatic.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 18 - War, Murder, Death and Cobbling

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 Roberts and Scratcher convene once more to fill your face holes with golden nuggets of knowledge........or poo, you decide.

this time on the broken down merry-go-round the topics discussed are:

Anti-Biotic Issues & The Vomit Poo
Scratchers Fashion Tips
Clusterfuck Truck
Roberts' WW2 Obsession
A Roberts Guided Tour of The Imperial War Museum
The Greatest Cobbling Ever Seen
 The "Anit-Simantic Show" Ad.
The Game of Death
Roberts Magic Nutsack
Racial Roberts
Listener Email & Octopus Education
Garden Centre Trauma
Porno Prize
The Posit Note
The Tantrum, Cyber Abuse & Why Roberts Has Banned Himself From Twitter

And many more.........

Congratulations to Robin Strigner, the first winner of our prestigious 'porno prize'. Well done Robin, some filth is winging it's way to you. Enjoy!

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Enjoy and thanks for coming back.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Episode 17 - Dwarf Envy (New Years Eve)

Go back in time and see in the new year again with Episode 17, Now available to download and stream using Podomatic.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 17 - Dwarf Envy

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It's new years eve and the excitement is palpable, sorry pulpable, as Roberts, Scratcher and Lauren end the year as they began it...........philosophising on the subjects that folks such as Socrates, Freud and Nietzsche could not contemplate.

Subjects twisting the grey matter this time round include:

Roberts' Gift Haul
Battlestar Galllapapticca & The Ruining Thereof
Roberts the Wrestler
Bear Butt Bung, A Correction of Facts
Chrismas Wank
The Jizz Pixy
Some Love for Other Folks Podcasts
R.I.P Helium Buffoons
Scratchers Throatpiece Issues
Listener Emails
Dwarf Envy
The Great Facebook Fanpage Explanation
More Dwarf Envy & Roberts' Advice for 'Little People'
Futuristic Nobs
The Drop Bear Fallacy
Penis Fencing
The Sex Life of the Flatworm
Earwig Pincer Penis
Plagiarised Octopi Facts
Our Blog & Search Terms
The Mayan Civilisation
Dispelling Armageddon
Cold Light Cast, A Preview
Time Travel For the Retarded

And more besides.......

And for a new year treat, It's the premier of 'Robot Man' a ditty penned by Roberts and Gie, with an interview with the mastermind, Giesus, himself.


Here's the picture that started all the midget based envy:

Feel free to add your own captions, email them, and anything else that makes you chuckle, to us if you fancy:

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Thanks for listening and Happy new year to all three of you.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Episode 16 - Faecally Focused Facial Flatulence

Episode 16 has floated up from the 'tinterweb u-bend, like a turd that won't flush, and is available for download or stream via Podomatic.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 16 - Faecally Focused Facial Flatulence

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Listen in awe and disgust as two men, approaching their thirties, giggle like idiots at poo related tales and share far too much with a listenership they've never met.

Topics floating around the bowl include:

Family Crisp Thievery
Third World Dane End
Lust For Laminate
Jingle Difficulty & 'The Human Meatbox'
Piles Stress
The Scratcher Family Rectal History
Atomic Butt Mustard & Anusol
Bear Bung-Hole
Toilet Time Wasting
Wiping Technique
Roberts' School Arsewipe Class Trauma
Bird Poo Ice Cream
Scratcher's Child Labour Upbringing
Guess Poo
The Rorschit Test
Anus Punch Incident
Jizz Results

And Many More...........

No pictures again this week, we've all seen poo, it's not big and it's not clever.....................but it is funny!

How cute.

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Thanks for listening, keep coming back for all of your mouthpiece needs, and if you're new, there's no going back now.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Episode 15 - Flab Stabbing

Episode 15 has been tested and is fit for consumption via Podomatic.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 15 - Flab Stabbing

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Roberts and Scratcher are back in the kitchen and the discussion is lively, but never............sorry always, oversteps the mark.

This time round, the duo discuss:

Intro Technique
Saturday Morning Wank Ritual
Accidental Insect Interference
Old School Bush Porn 
The Porn Barn
Porno Calling Cards
Roberts' Dane End Tales
The Soft-core Years
Homosexual Accusation
Extremes In Porn
Flab Jabbing & The Double Chin Job
New Sex Moves
Various Fetishes

And Many More.........

Also we have made December "Free Porn Month". The best emails we receive get a prize, mostly Roberts' old porn. There's incentive for you!

Get cracking and chuck your mess down our cyber pipe at:

It's been a porn heavy episode and I figured there's no point in putting any links up as I'm fairly sure you can find it yourself, you filthy, filthy perverts.

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Thanks for listening.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Episode 14 - Heroes. Villains. Buttocks.

Episode 14 is available to stream and download via Podomatic.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 14 - Heroes. Villains. Buttocks.

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An (unusually) unprepaired Scratcher confounds and angers Roberts as 'Semi Colon' & 'The Cock Faced Kid' discuss:

Japanese Gods
Crap Superheroes
Piss Poor Preparation
Robert's Radioplay

Our two heroes then act out a scene from Roberts' oscar worthy script:

"The Return of Genghis Khan & The Black Death"

When the perfomance is over the pair of thesps discuss:

The Massive Stitch Up
Good & Bad Acting
Roberts' Period Solution (If He Were In Charge)

All interspersed with other bits of stray toss...............

All of this, still unknowingly, brought to you by Vita Coco: "It's a bit odd after you've had some beer."

Here is 'Dennis Cyplenkov' in all his large handed glory:

Half man, half bear.............. all freakish bitch.

Check out the crap superheroes here:

And emerse yourself in the world of mental Japanese mythology here:

Exclusively for us, here is the only recorded photograph of Shirame', the eye butthole god.

Quite an exclusive.

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Thanks for listening.............................and I in no way endorse Adam Roberts' buttocks.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Episode 13 - Admin (Brought to you by Vita Coco)

Episode 13 has finally arrived after a short hiatus and is available to download or stream via Podomatic. Roberts and Scratcher are back like herpes......

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 13 - Admin

Stick us on your Ipod and have a slice of piece on the go.

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After a break to move houses and an attempt to construct a studio (with coat hangers!) it's back to just the two fools for the first time in a long time, and with new intro music to boot. Let us know what you think, drop us an e-mail.

Topics smothered this week include:

Roberts Throwing a Silent Strop
Listenership Going Mental
Our Rise Into The Podomatic Top Ten
Self Induced Download Overload
Roberts' Aggressive E-mail Demands
Retarded D.I.Y Capers
New Listener(s) (Clefty Guns)
Podcast Greg & The Interview
Helium Buffoons
Whoring For a Coconut Drink

And many more..........

There's also some Pragmataphobia film reviews, in which we cover:

In Time
Captain America

Enjoy, thanks for listening and welcome to the the Mouthpiece, you filthy perverts.

You can read our interview for Greg's blog 'Pod-World' here:

And you can read the unedited XXX version, in which Roberts calls me a dick, ALOT, here:
Skeletor's Mouthpiece unedited interview.

Take a look at our You Tube channel for a few nuggets of 'piece with pictures':

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Episode 12 - Headlines: Part 2 ~Erection Productivity

Episode 12 is now available to stream/download via Podomatic.
It's the final instalment of 'Headlines!' the game in which our guest, Luke Mcfiddles, is forced to decide which piece of Roberts or Scratchers top notch, Pulitzer prize winning journalism will make it into his newspaper.

Don't worry, it's all imaginary. We're not allowed near real newspapers.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 12 - Headlines: Part 2 ~ Erection Productivity

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Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece

As the competition heats up Scratcher and Roberts Pitch:

Tramp Toucher
Jizz Test

Luke then makes the toughest decision of his life, who will make the front page and who will be sleeping underneath it?

After the dust has settled and the rightful winner has emerged victorious the trio go on to discuss:

The Worlds Longest Sentence
Vocal Euthanasia
Ron Jeremy
New School Porn 'Stars'
Gauging Porn Intelligence
Roberts' Reputation
Peeping Tom
Giraffe Molestation Techniques
Naked Ice Skating

And plenty more besides...............

Thanks for spending your time listening to our rambling toss, keep coming back.

Here's a picture of Ron Jeremy & his rum, sadly without a knob shaped bottle:

Yep, that guys gets paid to do sex.

Here's a still from the T.V advert:

Ok, maybe not.

As promised, here's the video of Roberts' adventures with the 'wibbly hand man':


You can check out the brazillian Wandering Spider article here:

And here's the reason why we don't recommend Giraffe bothering:

You can follow Luke on Twitter: @L_Mcfayden

Follow us on Twitter: @SkeletorsPiece

Email us on:

Thanks Again. This will be our last podcast for a short time, while we build a new 'studio' as we have had to move on from Adams bedroom at Ma's. It will be missed. On the plus side the new one wont be held together with quite so much jizz.............maybe. We'll be back, stronger than ever, very soon...and with sweet new intro music.

Keep sending us those emails, we're going to need them!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Episode 11 - Headlines: Part 1 ~ The Pragmatophobe

Episode 11 is here for your (r)ears and is available to download or stream via Podomatic.
Roberts' padawan learner Luke "McFiddles" McFayden spends some time in our company this week.

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 11 - Headlines: Part 1 ~ The Pragmatophobe

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Roberts introduces Scratcher and Luke to his new favourite podcast and the trio discuss:

The Pragmataphobe
Paedo Joke Embargo
The Split of Alex and Jake
Monosyllabic Film Reviews
Meme and Our Lack of Understanding of The Subject

Then Luke goes mental with power as we play:

Headlines! - The Game

This brings up the topics:

Muller Blight
The Biggest Spot in The World, EVER!
Home Facelift Remedy
Armadillo Assault
Media Plagiarism
Scratchers Investigative Powers
The Roberts/Jesus Connection
Poo Into Gold

This episode also sees the debut of a wicked new jingle sent to us by our good friend Rosco. Thanks very much man, It's the fresh titties.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening. Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of:

Headlines! - The Game

What toss will the two budding journalists launch into your face next?

Cheers to Alex from "The Pragmatophobia Podcast" for being a good sport and not calling the authorities, also for sending us a link to a webpage explaining meme.

Make Sure you give a listen to "The Pragmatophobia Podcast" it can be found here:

You can now follow Alex, the pragmatophobe himself, on Twitter: @pragmataphobia

Also you can follow Luke on Twitter: @L_McFayden

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Episode 10 - The Gay and The Girl (Part II)

Episode 10 is available to download/stream via Podomatic.
The conclusion of our time spent with Susan and Elliot

Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 10 - The Gay and The Girl (Part II) 

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Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece

Roberts' attempts to stay quiet fail and Scratcher runs out of energy as the foursome discuss:

Roberts' Pronunciation
Name Confusion & Nicknames
Things To Do When Rich
Meeting People Just Like You
Voices & Mannerisms
Thai Bride Taxi Man
Balcony Jerking
Professional Masturbation Advice
Outdoor Wanks
The Slippery Porn Slope
Thai Red Bull
The Night of Misadventures
More Grindr Action
The Unified Rape Theory

And everything in-between.......

Thanks for sticking with us,or if you're new, welcome to Castle Podskull. Enjoy

To level the Karmic balance of the world, here's a little video of the protagonist from Susan's Grindr story:

Sweet moves man, sweet moves.

Make sure you take a gander at Susan and Elliot's respective blogs:


You can follow them both on Twitter:

@speedqueenie and @elliot_jr

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